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Season:  2014

Featured image for “The Golden Dream”

The Golden Dream

Director : Diego Quemada-Díez

Country : Mexico

Release Date : 2013

Duration : 108 mins

Language : Spanish

Subtitles : Yes

Much-praised suspenseful road movie.  Three Guatemalan youngsters attempt a hazardous illegal crossing from Mexico into the USA.  Bolstered by strikingly beautiful cinematography and involving characters, this beguiling, heartbreaking first feature from Diego Quemada-Díez shows his debt to Ken Loach with whom he worked on three films.

A drama of lacerating power and honesty. The performances are tremendous.” (Tim Robey – Daily Telegraph)

Featured image for “Meek’s Cutoff”

Meek’s Cutoff

Director : Kelly Reichardt

Country : USA

Release Date : 2010

Duration : 104 mins

Language : English

Subtitles : No

Michelle Williams stars in this enigmatic unorthodox, haunting Western, seen largely from a woman’s point of view, visually exquisite and contemplative in tone.  It catches beautifully the shifting dynamics of the small and increasingly vulnerable group and gives a vivid picture of what life on the Oregon Trail must have been like in 1845.

A mesmerizing cinematic journey that is often as arduous and spare as the lives of its hard-bitten protagonists.”  (Ann Hornaday – Washington Post)

Featured image for “The Lunchbox”

The Lunchbox

Director : Ritesh Batra

Country : India

Release Date : 2013

Duration : 101 mins

Language : Hindi

Subtitles : Yes

A mistaken delivery in Mumbai’s famously efficient lunchbox delivery system connects a young housewife to an older man in the dusk of his life as they build a fantasy world together through notes in the lunchbox. Romance blossoms beautifully …

Enormously likeable Indian romantic comedy.  It’s ‘84 Charing Cross Road’ with extra chutney …”  (Tom Huddleston – Time Out)

Featured image for “Mysteries of Lisbon”

Mysteries of Lisbon

Director : Raúl Ruiz

Country : Portugal

Release Date : 2010

Duration : 261 mins

Language : Portuguese and French

Subtitles : Yes

Gorgeous, intriguing melodrama set in 19th-century Portugal. Based on a novel famous for its complex plot, Mysteries of Lisbon follows a jealous countess, a wealthy businessman and a young orphaned boy across Portugal, France, Italy and Brazil, as their lives intertwine. Raúl Ruiz’s late masterpiece.

Entrancingly strange, beautifully eccentric.”  (Peter Bradshaw – The Guardian)

Featured image for “The Searchers”

The Searchers

Director : John Ford

Country : USA

Release Date : 1956

Duration : 119 mins

Language : English

Subtitles : No

Restored widescreen Western, considered by critics as one of the best films ever made.  Troubled John Wayne hunts for his kidnapped niece.  The film’s complex, deeply-nuanced themes include racism, individuality, the American character, and the opposition between civilization and the untamed frontier wilderness.

The greatest Hollywood film that few people have seen.”  (Glenn Frankel)

Featured image for “A Farewell to Arms”

A Farewell to Arms

Director : Frank Borzage

Country : USA

Release Date : 1932

Duration : 88 mins

Language : English

Subtitles : No

This heart-rending romance between an ambulance driver (Gary Cooper) and a nurse (Helen Hayes) during WW1 will leave you weeping. Described by Time Out as “not only the best film version of a Hemingway novel, but also one of the most thrilling visions of the power of sexual love that even Borzage ever made … no other director created images like these, using light and movement like brushstrokes, integrating naturalism and a daring expressionism in the same shot. This is romantic melodrama raised to its highest degree.”

“Cooper was never more handsome, and the chemistry between him and Hayes glows from the screen.”  (Philip Kemp – Total Film)

Featured image for “Assembly”


Director : Feng Xiaogang

Country : China

Release Date : 2007

Duration : 124 mins

Language : Mandarin

Subtitles : Yes


A veteran of China’s Civil War rails against modern bureaucracy in hopes of finally receiving recognition for his bravery and to honour the memory of his fallen comrades. Winner of the 2008 Hundred Flowers Awards and the 2009 Golden Rooster Awards for Best Film.

This is a film that eschews triumphalism and the customary patriotic rhetoric. Its subject is friendship, respect for individuals and the quest for justice and historic truth.”  (Philip French – The Observer)

Featured image for “When I Saw You”

When I Saw You

Director : Annemarie Jacir

Country : Palestine

Release Date : 2012

Duration : 98 mins

Language : Arabic

Subtitles : Yes


Cinematic poetry, the perfect blend of stunning cinematography, humanly portrayed characters and a story that hits you with an immediate gut reaction, yet colors your dreams and inhabits your thoughts for days to come. Beautiful, groundbreaking and deeply, deeply moving.”  (The Huffington Post)

Featured image for “Days of Heaven”

Days of Heaven

Director : Terrence Malick

Country : USA

Release Date : 1978

Duration : 89 mins

Language : English

Subtitles : No


Chicago steelworker (Richard Gere) flees to a new life in rural Texas in 1916.  Visually exquisite, drawing inspiration from painters such as Johannes Vermeer, Edward Hopper and Andrew Wyeth.  Is this the most beautiful film ever made?

A fantastically rewarding experience.”  (Peter Bradshaw – The Guardian)

Featured image for “The Ploughman’s Lunch”

The Ploughman’s Lunch

Director : Richard Eyre

Country : UK

Release Date : 1983

Duration : 107 mins

Language : English

Subtitles : No

This film (written by Ian McEwan), is a witty, bitter tale of duplicity and opportunism in both private and public life which blends fact with fiction with astonishing success.  Jonathan Pryce plays an ambitious journalist at the time of the Falklands War – its audacious final scene showing the triumphalism being celebrated by Margaret Thatcher at the Tory Party conference was filmed by cameras smuggled into the venue where the film actors mingled unnoticed with the political supremos of the day.  The film catches perfectly the look and lifestyle of the early Eighties.

“This is undoubtedly the most politically aware film produced in Britain since the war.”   (The Daily Mail)