The Prince of Nothingwood

Featured image for “The Prince of Nothingwood”
Shown: January 10, 2018 at 6pm

Director : Sonia Kronlund

Country : Afghanistan

Release Date : 2017

Duration : 89 mins

Language : French and Dari

Subtitles : Yes

Sonia Kronlund’s engaging documentary focuses on the indomitable Salim Shaheen, who has relentlessly made more than 100 films in war-torn Afghanistan over thirty years. He is the prince of an industry he calls “Nothingwood” – a Hollywood that must make do with nothing at all. His movies have stayed popular even, according to rumour, with Taliban and Islamic State fighters, for whom they were presumably the guiltiest of guilty pleasures.

This is not just a crowd-tickling portrait of a fascinating, charismatic individual who cares more about cinema than safety. Shaheen and his small crew and cast don’t just film in war zones, they also use real guns and bullets.”  (Isabel Stevens – Sight and Sound)