The Draughtsman’s Contract

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Shown: May 21, 2023 at 6pm

Director : Peter Greenaway

Country : UK

Release Date : 1982

Duration : 104 mins

Language : English

Subtitles : No

Peter Greenaway became a director of international status with this witty, stylised, erotic country house murder mystery. In an apparently idyllic 17th century Wiltshire, an ambitious draughtsman is commissioned by the wife of an aristocrat to produce twelve drawings of her husband’s estate, in return for which he will receive payment, board and bed – hers. Extravagant costumes, a twisting plot, elegantly barbed dialogue and a score by Michael Nyman make the film a treat for ear, eye and mind.

” … a tantalising puzzle, wrapped in eroticism and presented with the utmost elegance. I have never seen a film quite like it … a crossword puzzle for the senses.”  (Roger Ebert)