Featured image for “Silent Sonata”
Shown: January 9, 2015 at 6pm

Director : Janez Burger

Country : Slovenia

Release Date : 2010

Duration : 77 mins

Language : No dialogue

Subtitles : No

A man stays alone with his children in a half-demolished house in the middle of a desolate field. His wife has just been killed by a grenade in a military battle. He is expecting a new attack. Instead a wandering circus caravan stops by the house. They bring along the dying director of the circus. Is it possible for anything beautiful to happen in a landscape of war and death? Can life go on? Is it possible to realise that death does not exist?

A Fellini-esque silent fable which tackles the horrors of war with a refreshing sense of the absurd.”  (Simon Crook – Empire Magazine)