Featured image for “Sadko”
Shown: September 22, 2024 at 6pm

Director : Aleksandr Ptushko

Country : Russia

Release Date : 1953

Duration : 85 mins

Language : Russian

Subtitles : Yes


A Soviet adventure fantasy film based on Rimsky-Korsakov’s eponymous opera and using much of his score. Based in the old Russian city of Novgorod, a young gusli (lute) player named Sadko brags that he can bring a sweet-voiced bird of happiness to their land. He is mocked for his bravado but Sadko sets off to travel to find the mythical bird. He is offered help by the daughter of the Ocean King – she is mesmerised by his singing and falls in love with him. Sadko visits many lands in his search of the bird, including India and Egypt but is unable to capture the bird of happiness, and returns empty handed. But on his return to Novgorod, Sadko realises that there is no better land than his homeland, and there was no need to go so far in search of happiness.

The film restoration is incredible, the colours are vibrant and not a single frame is missing from the original elements.”  (International Movie Database)