House of Flying Daggers

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Shown: January 3, 2020 at 6pm

Director : Zhang Yimou

Country : China

Release Date : 2004

Duration : 114 mins

Language : Mandarin

Subtitles : Yes

Chinese director Zhang Yimou fuses a wuxia martial arts drama with a tragic romance in this elegant period piece set in 859 AD. A dazzling epic of breathtaking action, Oscar-nominated cinematography and serene beauty with the literal English translation of the Chinese title being ‘Ambushed From Ten Directions‘. Hoping she will lead them to her fellow assassins, two captains hatch a plan to capture and trick Mei, a beautiful dancer suspected of having ties to the House of Flying Daggers, a powerful revolutionary faction. From there begins a trail of dangerous encounters, impossible love triangles and plot twists in which people are rarely as they seem …

About as viscerally and visually exciting as film can get, and yet it is also fully, ripely romantic in a way that few modern films would dare.”  (Tom Long – Detroit News)