Featured image for “Honeyland”
Shown: January 7, 2021 at 6pm

Director : Ljubomir Stefanov & Tamara Kotevska

Country : Macedonia

Release Date : 2019

Duration : 95 mins

Language : Balkan Turkish

Subtitles : Yes

Portraying the life of Hatidze Muratova, a loner beekeeper of wild bees who lives in the remote mountain village of Bekirlija, and follows her lifestyle before and after neighbours move in next door. Climate change, bio-diversity loss and exploitation of natural resources are all explored and the film literally swarms with truths about greed, respect and animal husbandry. It also also portrays Hatidze’s relationship with her bedridden mother and was the first documentary to receive a nomination in both categories in the history of the Oscars.

Hatidze’s story is heartbreakingly moving, and needs no heavy editorialising. Her strength, dignity, resilience and humanity carry the film’s truth and weight.”  (Paul Byrnes – Sydney Morning Herald)