Kingsbridge Kino's 2020 Spring Season features an eclectic range of films from a documentary featuring Aretha Franklin's legendary 'live' recording sessions to a Chinese wuxia martial arts film by way of a Vincent Price classic, a stylish Hollywood musical and other great films from around the world. Something, hopefully, to satisfy all tastes. Click here to see the full season

Our next film is, to employ an over-used word, a 'masterpiece'. We are proud to present Andrei Tarkovsky's Mirror from 1975 which deserves this big-screen viewing, with its feast of memories in dream, drama and newsreel from the life of a dying poet. Juxtaposing scenes of daily life with pivotal moments in Soviet history, the film cross-cuts between colour and black-and-white photography to find ground between dreams and reality.  See the video below to find out more about Tarkovsky's work.

We show this on Sunday 1 March.

We show our films at Dodbrooke Parish Hall (at the north end of Church Street).  Click here to see the Hall location. The Hall has recently been refurbished, has parking in the school car park behind the Church, has two toilets and a smart kitchen from which we can continue to offer you our excellent refreshment facilities and Juanita's delicious cake!

If you are not already a Member of Kingsbridge Kino, please consider joining as membership subscriptions are vital to our financial success, making it possible to show such a diverse programme.

Tickets cost £5 (members) or £10 (visitors) with Membership for the full year costing £10 giving you an annual saving of £80 on admission prices.

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