The Kino 2019 Autumn Season will commence on Sunday 1 September.

We have an exciting season planned, including two films from Africa which has been sadly under-represented in previous seasons, brand new films from South Korea, Argentina and China, a black and white classic from Sweden and a gem for our pre-Christmas screening. Click here to see the full season.

Our first film is The Gods Must Be Crazy, a runaway success as the biggest foreign box office hit when it was released in the USA. Kalahari bushman Xi is as surprised as the rest of his tribe when a Coke bottle, thrown from a passing plane, lands in the middle of their village. This "gift from the gods" proves to be a mixed blessing when the tribesmen fight over it and eventually use it for a weapon. To keep peace in the village, Xi is assigned to take the bottle to "the end of the earth" and throw it back to the gods. Meanwhile, back in urbanised South Africa, Kate Thompson leaves her office job in the city to take a job teaching Kalahari children. Once in the wilderness, she finds herself constantly bumping into clumsy microbiologist Andrew Steyn. And meanwhile, maniacal Sam Boga is leading a military coup against the government. A funny faux-documentary, it has the feel of a Keystone Cops caper set in Africa.


We show our films at Dodbrooke Parish Hall (at the north end of Church Street).  Click here to see the Hall location. The Hall has recently been refurbished, has parking in the school car park behind the Church, has two toilets and a smart kitchen from which we can continue to offer you our excellent refreshment facilities and Juanita's delicious cake!

If you are not already a Member of Kingsbridge Kino, please consider joining as membership subscriptions are vital to our financial success, making it possible to show such a diverse programme.

Membership for the full year costs £10 giving you an annual saving of £80 on guest admission prices.

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