Tatie Danielle

Directed by Étienne Chatiliez, France 1990
114 mins. French dialogue with English sub-titles
French black comedy which follows Aunt Danielle (Tsilla Chelton), an elderly widow who, since losing her husband, has focused on making everyone around her suffer. The bitter septuagenarian regularly abuses her housekeeper and, after moving in with her great-nephew and his wife, goes about making their lives miserable. When the family goes on vacation, leaving Danielle to be looked after by a willful au pair (Isabelle Nanty), the old woman finds an unexpected respect for her new caretaker.
What the Critics say:
"So often when we speak of movie characters as being "human" we mean that they are nice. We forget that being human can also involve being nasty, vindictive, greedy and scheming."  (Roger Ebert)