Directed by Carlos Saura, Spain 1983
98 mins. Spanish dialogue with English sub-titles
Art imitates art in this BAFTA-winning film, which stars Antonio Gades as Antonio, a choreographer looking for someone to play the lead in his new flamenco dance work, based on Bizet's opera of Mérimée's story. He spots a young dancer named Carmen whose skills are unrefined but her wildcard spirit is just right for the gypsy heroine who inspires lust and jealousy in a soldier. As Carmen is put through the paces of rehearsal, Antonio falls in love with her. But their affair begins to crack as Carmen's true character is showly discovered and Antonio questions her loyalty.
What the Critics say:
"Visually exhilarating ... mingling dance rehearsals with sexual encounters, 'Carmen' is both a new kind of musical and marvellous cinema." (Nick Roddick - Time Out)