Directed by Zaza Urushadze, Estonia 2013
87 mins. Estonian and Russian dialogue with English subtitles



The story takes place during the 1992/93 War in a rural village in Abkhazia (Georgia), where Estonian farmers had settled to tend a tangerine orchard. With the start of hostilities, most of the Estonians who lived in the area return to their homeland but two Estonian farmers, Ivo and Margus, remain in the village in order to harvest the season’s crop of tangerines. However they get caught in the crossfire between two small bands of warring soldiers. Only two of the fighters survive: Ahmed (a Chechen mercenary on the Abkhazian side) and Niko (a Georgian volunteer). Both are badly wounded, but the two Estonian farmers take them in and begin to nurse them back to health.

What the Critics say:

"With one of the most beautiful scores of the year, this is a powerful and deeply melancholic anti-war story that uses a long-unresolved conflict to show us how two good, three-dimensional men could have been friends in other circumstances hadn't they been caught in opposite sides of a war."  (Carlos Magalhães - Rotten Tomatoes)