Directed by Marc Evans, Argentina / UK 2010
119 mins. Welsh, Spanish and English dialogue with English sub-titles

In 1865 Welsh emigrants move to Patagonia.  Now, in the present day, two stories unfold simultaneously; one of a Welsh couple travelling through Patagonia and the other of an elderly grandmother and her teenage nephew travelling in Wales in search of her mother's farm. Each story is utterly convincingly told, amid breathtaking textures of Argentinan and Walsh landscapes and, although there is no connection at all between them, the two stories balance each other perfectly in the way the relationships develop.

What the Critics say:
"Two road movies for the price of one, running the parallel stories of pilgrims on a search for identity..(which)..displays a lyrical sensitivity both to the desert landscapes of Patagonia and to the remote, rain-glazed hills of Wales and the unlikeliness of their ancient connection."  (Anthony Quinn - Independent)